Women'S Day Sticky Date Pudding

women's day sticky date pudding

But you can but try.But who cleans the kitchen floor?There was a certain restfulness.Gladys is always in the shop, I understand, of an afternoon.

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Dadd, with a sort of defiant archness.Dadd was shaking her head slowly and calmly.Then she was initiated into the mysteries of the shop.Only the shop in the morning.Jane completely and suddenly lost her temper.Besides, it might be Forbes.

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No, thank you, Miss Quested.Oh, if only we had Mrs.Doria de Vere, as she calls herself, in the paper last Sunday.She handled the flowers lightly and carefully, and conversed with customers in a way which set Lucilla and Jane trembling for the welfare of the business.Jane was not sorry to get away from the subject.There was a young man at it in one of the shops.Come, Addie darling, and help Mummy to pack.

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And she ought to be in the best arm chair, with a dozen children always running to Granny.The doorstep was occupied by three large ladies.In the back kitchen, I believe.She sniffed at Labour Exchanges, bought the Morning Post on the advice of Mr.Bring a pail, please, and a cloth, and do be quick.

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Doveton to give her a few lessons in cookery was negatived by both with unexpected firmness.It was this suggestion which led to the advent of Mrs.And she perceived that Gladys might not unreasonably defend herself by a tu quoque.Please make haste, Mrs.So she opened it.They rang again, and then Jane sped down to the kitchen.

women's day sticky date pudding

And there, as she said, their dinner was.As he got a nindependen tincome?Dadd, with some alacrity.Addie, come here and leave the cat alone.Dix, and made a journey to a registry office in Baker Street.

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Gladys exhibited all the wonder and admiration which the girls had hoped from Mrs.That only leaves the mutton for Mrs.You refuse to do it?What do you think of Mrs.Out of the cloud of ink three human figures presently emerged, clothed with testimonials almost as glowing as Mrs.She had been housekeeper to a rector and, before her marriage, nursery governess to a dean.Was that the gate?

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You ought to get some more rabbits.She felt that in her life too there were two young men who were best apart.Dadd simpered, she bridled, and she languished.She then perceived that if she did not open the door no one would.Doveton, and even the most undiscerning of her encomiums served to endear to them both Gladys and Cedar Court.Miss Dadd really pleased anyone, but time was getting on.

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Dadd in leisurely explanation, while Jane almost danced with impatience.Oh, what have I done?Gladys seemed to have come as a liberator.Cedar Court was inserted in three papers, and in a sort of ordered hush Cedar Court awaited applicants.Veale to something almost approaching activity.Gladys approved highly of Mr.

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Dix, he deserves a bit of fun, working as he does.If only we could go on like this!But, good gracious me!Gladys assured her earnestly.You know how elastic time is, and how some days seem to have no time in them at all, and other days seem as though there was time in them for everything.Dix, of course, was always glad of a game after working hours.The terms were satisfactory, the date of the arrival was fixed, the rooms were got ready.

women's day sticky date pudding

Then the answers to the advertisement began to arrive, and the days become darkened with correspondence.The shop no longer claimed the whole day.No coming of footsteps.In the afternoon leisure, then tea and tennis.We might have been on fire or being murdered!They do look after old people.

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Gladys, when they came in.CHAPTER XXIf there had been any hesitation in the mind of Jane and Lucilla as to whether the arrival of Gladys was to be regarded as a calamity or as a godsend the question was soon settled.Veale by name and Veale by nature.But they heard nothing else.Stanley and Forbes do.Then she went off on her afternoon out and came back full of information.It was a radiant prospect and kept them well amused.

women's day sticky date pudding

She knew to a hair what you might and might not say to your mistress.Jane, but without conviction.The house was ready, the servants were there, eating their heads off, and it was high time that the paying guests should begin to pay.And tennis is a very agreeable game.The girls tried very hard to like poor little Addie, who plainly adored them, but you cannot really love a child unless you can embrace it, and Addie was always much too sticky for that, except just after her bath, and then, of course, Mrs.Dadd to cook, and potatoes.

women's day sticky date pudding

What she had done was to knock a vase of pinks off a table and flood the hearthrug.Dadd was not a good cook, but the food she prepared was not uneatable.It was Gladys who secured the two maids, experienced, expensive, and so competent that they seemed scarcely human.They had to get rid of the child before settling to their sewing, of which they did an incredible amount.Little Addie was trying to feed the cat with a jammy spoon.Gladys smiled that wonderful wide smile of hers that made you think of collie dogs, and they forgave her.

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The tinned mock turtle and tinned peas and tinned asparagus and tinned peaches.

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