Older men’s fixation with younger women really boils my kidneys

guys dating younger girl

Charles, but sure what of it?ResearchThis phenomenon is not restricted to the rarefied world of celebrity.PowerWell, it was a disaster.With no career or money of my own to speak of and me living in his apartment, the balance of power was already on a perilously unhealthy tilt.But why does this supposed fixation that older men appear to have on young women bother me so much?

When it finally ground to a halt, I suspect both of us were relieved.Sure, we made each other laugh but I was under no illusion that for him, this was a predominantly sexual relationship.He had his buddies for that.OJ Simpson, Thin Lizzy or Italia 1990 seems a small enough price to pay.Disappointing, but not surprising.Looks and beauty aside, a younger person brings new energy and refreshed perspective on life to a relationship.

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Added to which, I was hopelessly immature and romantically inexperienced at 20.Sean Penn and Leila George, 32 years his junior.TikTok to get hooked up with younger women?He had little interest in a meeting of minds.The thing is: he is still nine years older than her.The body of a woman of 50 is not extraordinary at all.That sort of devotion and admiration is probably too good to resist.

guys dating younger girl

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What ultimately bothers me is a man who believes that a woman his own age is too old to love.That the idea suggests physical appearance still matters more for women than men and we are thought to diminish in attractiveness more precipitously?Suitably smitten, I moved to Los Angeles after college so we could make a go of things.We were both attracted to each other, so what was the harm in seeing where things went?

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